Be volunteer, help sport, cultural  !

We would like to spend more time in volunteer projects, and because we believe in this projects we encourage you to participate in the actions supported by our partners. I’ll see you at the Semimaraton, Bikerace or the All Sagunist Prom!

Help us

Help us to raise funds for the next projects. Ask any member of staff how can you be usefull and help our projects go further.


Cetatea Brasov Association has programs to raise awareness of the population and to minimize the negative impact of tourism on natural areas in Brasov.
With the support of local institutions and volunteers, we regularly organize clean-up of green spaces and tourist routes.
Finaly, by creating the association, we also want to contribute to the animation of the sport and cultural life of Brasov.

Always in the spirit of protecting nature and raising awareness of environmental issues. We aim to promote sport in areas with intense tourist activity.
Last but not least, members of the association want to bring fresh air to the daily of Brasov and city visitors.   Cetatea Brasovului

Sagunisti pentru Sagunisti

The main objective of the Association is to promote and support the performance of the Sagunists. Regardless of the field or geographical area in which they manifest themselves.

We also want to contribute to support  especially social, cultural and professional rights. And interests of former and current students and teachers of the Andrei Saguna National College in Brasov. Last but not least, we want to create a platform for information and communication.Therefore this platphorm between current or former students facilitate the connection between all those who bear in their soul the Sagunian spirit. Sagunisti pentru Sagunisti